salute mentale

Mental health

Starting from the analysis of the rehabilitation potential and individual skills, we create personal programmes to help reduce mental illness limitations. The synergy among the different associations of the Gruppo Polis allows us to optimise the resources and produce an actual rehabilitation-chain: an innovative and complex programme meant to rehabilitate people with psychiatric disorders, that confronts itself with the problem of the protection of mental health as a whole, also through the help of public services. Our offers represent progressive steps for our residents, who are in the way of regaining a social role. 

It is possible to have access to these services when covered by the National Healthcare Service or by directly requesting them privately


attivamente copertina310

CDR (Daycare centre) Attivamente 1 and 2

Daycare centre for the rehabilitation of people with psychiatric disorders
meridiana copertina310

CTRP (Protected centre for therapeutic rehabilitation) La Meridiana

Protected centre for therapeutic rehabilitation of people with mental disorders
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Care homes

Accommodation for people with different levels of independence

Services and assistance for disabled people in Padua

We offer customised projects aimed to recover or improve skills and self-reliance

Social marginalisation

We give new opportunities to people experiencing discomfort

Vocational integration

We promote professional development and vocational integration of disadvantaged people