Il Portico

Founded in Padua in 1994, type A social cooperative Il Portico, in its residential facilities, offers educational and rehabilitation programmes to people with psychiatric disorders and psychic disabilities to promote their social inclusion, increase their level of independence and permit their insertion in the labour market.

There are more than 60 people in our facilities. Starting from their individual needs, we set up specific programmes that include recreational and relational activities, which take into account the individual, instrumental and social aspects, encouraging the strengthening of individual skills.

These services are managed in collaboration with public authorities and some private institutions. They are now reference points for the local healthcare institutions.

This cooperative was one of the founders of the Consorzio Veneto in Salute, oriented towards developing primary territorial assistance by supporting primary care general practitioners and paediatricians.

In the field of mental health, rehabilitation procedures follow the methods of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, while in the field of disabilities, Behavioural Cognitive methodology is followed.

To know more about the services provided by Il Portico, read our services charter.


We have set up a few projects to include everyday life in daycare centres: